options (ver 1.3.2)

"Trim Mode"

This mode works exactly the same way "Full Mode" works except it will abbreviate your nest names.

"Set Channel"

The defaqult channel 7 was chosen due to its proximity to the / key on the numeric pad. This makes for a simple right hand operation to key in the two /7 quickly. If you wish to change this you can.

Choose "Set Channel" from the dialog menu.
Type the new channel number you wish to use and your Nest Namer will remember your choice.

"Set Look"

To change the texture and colors of the Nest Namer click the "Set Look" button.

  • User Texture - This will ask you to paste a new texture UUID into chat. Find a texture in your inventory which either belongs to you or is full perms and right click on it. Choose "Copy Asset UUID" from the menu and paste that into chat. The Nest Namer should immediately change texture.
  • Textures - Choose from a few preset textures.
  • Eye Color & Nose Color - Choose from a list of preset colors.
  • Set Default - This will reset the texture and colors to the original settings.

"Check M/P"

If a "Sage" has been fed level 1 or 2 food it can never elevate to Matriarch/Patriarch status. This buttun will tell you if they are still eligable. Note: the bunny does not need to belong to you to check it. You can use this to check before you buy so you can be sure. If you are in a no build but script enabled area you can wear the Nest Namer on your hud or avatar to do the check.

Click the "Check M/P" button and type the name of the bunny on channel 7 like this: /7 Smoochie. It will do a scan and find the bunny in question then run a check on its status. Note: This will not work on bunnies that are already a Matriarch/Patriarch.


For Phoenix Power Users

If you are using the Phoenix TPV you can set it up to chat on a different channel automatically in the Communicate window of the browser.

There is a little "Chan" box with arrows, it's set to 0 by default. Change this to 7 (or whatever channel you are using) briefly. The chat bar on the bottom of the browser sill works on channel 0 giving you 2 places to chat.

Click the left-most button next to the Communicate button to bring that up . Once you have both those set here is the fastest naming method:

  • Click the nest and immediately choose "Name Nest" from the nest dialog menu.
  • Copy the 4 lines from the Communicate window and paste them back in (no need to type /7 as Emerald does this for you once you set the Chan box)
  • Copy the line the Nest Namer sends you and paste it back into the "Local Chat" bar at the bottom.
  • The nest will rename and you can move to the next repeating this method. I named 40 nests in just a few minutes doing it this way.